Vertical Blinds

The classic way to cover sliding glass doors and large windows, vertical blinds are well suited in both casual and formal decors. Low maintenance and easy operation make vertical blinds a popular treatment for almost any window. Vertical blinds from Advanced Blind & Shade are available in four styles. Plain smooth PVC, textured PVC, free-hanging fabric, and fabric inserted into a PVC backing. With literally hundreds of styles, patterns, and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your room decor. All vertical blinds from Advanced Blind and Shade come standard with the Decomatic brand track system. The Decomatic continues to be the industry’s number one vertical track. Available in both wand operation or traditional cord and chain, the Decomatic rail has the smallest stack space, self-correcting vane alignment, replaceable carrier stems, and a lifetime warranty. If you’ve had vertical blinds in the past that seemed quick to fail, or didn’t work smoothly, the Decomatic rail will alleviate those problems for a lifetime of easy operation.