Ovation Cellular Sliders
Ovation Cellular Slider
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Ovation Cellular Sliders

Comfortex Ovation Cellular Slider Shades are available as single honeycomb cellular fabric for a variety of energy efficient color choices and rail colors.

These sliding window treatments are ideal for over doors, wide windows and room dividers. With a variety of stacking options and a sleek valance, Ovation Cellular Slider Vertical Shades can work in any room! Also known as honeycomb construction, the cellular construction of the Ovation™ Cellular Slider provides insulation and year round comfort for your home, while helping you to reduce your energy costs.

The Comfortex Ovation™ Cellular Sliding System does not have any exposed cords, wands, or chains, making it child and pet friendly.


Ovation Cellular Slider Colors

Ovation Aspen White

Aspen White

Ovation Camel


Ovation Gardenia White

Gardenia White

Ovation Honey Bisque

Honey Bisque

Ovation Silverado